Causes of Learning Disabilities

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Learning Disabilities Causes of Learning Disabilities According to the statistics, almost one in every seven children in the United States suffers from some kind of learning disability (American Psychiatric Association, 2000). Even though, the physicians, psychologists and researchers have found different ways of treating these learning disabilities or making the lives of these children better and comfortable, little attention has been paid on the causes of these learning disabilities. While most of us are of the view that brain is the main culprit of these learning disabilities, there have been researches that have proved that environment has a role to play in the development of these learning disabilities in children. However, some other researches have concluded that apart from the defects in the brain and the environmental impacts, there are other factors that also have a role to play in the development of learning disabilities (LD) in children. Many scientists and researchers believe that genetics have a pivotal role to play in the development of LD in young children. This means that if the parents of a child had some kind of LD when they were young or if some of the close relatives or elder siblings showed some LDs, then chances of the child having some sort of LD are increased by many folds. This implies that there specific genes who mutations can result in some kind of LD in children (Siders, 2006). Apart from genetics, there are some of the factors involved
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