Essay on Causes of Mass Murder

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Causes of Mass Murder Crime
Alvenia Gregory
Argosy University

This paper examines the act of mass murder. If society can find a valid answer as to what causes a person to commit mass murders, then the possibility of preventing the act would be great because it would be probable to recognize the psychotic behavior that is associated with mass murder. Occurrences of mass murder for instance the shootings at Sandy Hook, Aurora Colorado theatre; Columbine and Virginia Tech over and over again dominate much of society's attention not only for weeks but often for months following the incident. The research question I have selected is: ‘What are the sociological and psychological causes for unforeseen criminal actions of Mass
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The triggering event may be a loss of job, being spurned by a woman, or something similar (usually an economic or academic crisis of some sort). On the other hand, there may be no triggering event other than what is going on inside the mind of the offender. It is difficult to determine motives in these incidents as they seem to be based on psychologically rewards known only to the offender.
Typology of mass murderers
The following typology of mass murderers was presented by Turvey (2008:510). The types were grouped according to the variables of motivation, crime scene types, and victim selection by Fox and Levin (2005), who used the five categories of power, revenge, loyalty, terror, and profit.

1. The mass murderer has a thirst for power and control, often dresses in battle fatigues and has a passion for symbols of power, including assault weapons.
2. The mass killer seeks revenge against either against specific individuals, particular categories or groups of individuals, or society at large. Most commonly, he seeks to get even with people he knows such as family or the boss and other employees.

3. The mass murderer kills due to a warped sense of love and loyalty, a desire to save their loved ones from misery and hardship. Typically it is a husband/father who is despondent over the fate of the family unit. Sometimes, as in the case of the Manson family, the murders are done by a cult group being obedient to their charismatic leader.
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