Causes of Spectator Violence in Sports

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Causes of Spectator Violence in Sports As a season ticket holder for all Philadelphia Phillies and Philadelphia Eagles home games, I’ve seen my fair share of spectator violence over the years. The fact that Philadelphia has a reputation of having some of the rowdiest fans in sports has given me the unfortunate ability to witness spectator violence right before my eyes. There are many different types of spectator violence, as well as many different causes for them. As spectators, we must not only think about the instant repercussions of this violence, but we also need to think about the future repercussions of these actions. As spectator violence is becoming more prevalent in sports, the children spectators are going to start to …show more content…
It is no coincidence that the sports that have a higher level of aggression also have more incidents involving spectator violence. Hockey, Soccer, and Football are the three sports where we hear about the most fights and altercations in the stands. Yes, there are incidents in other sports such as Basketball and Baseball, but they are few and far between. When fans see the athletes acting aggressively, it quickly elevates the aggression level in the stands (Adamson 404). Hockey is the only sport where fighting is actually NOT frowned upon amongst the athletes. In fact, it’s almost glorified. If you ever watch a sporting event, other than hockey, where a fight breaks out or there is an altercation in the stands, the camera quickly pans away from it, or the station goes to commercial. In hockey, the announcers begin announcing the fight as if it were a boxing match. It’s no coincidence that hockey also sees a large number of violent interactions amongst fans in the stands. Another issue that tends to lead to aggression and violence in the stands is the overcrowding of stadiums and the seating arrangements. Often times, fans have spent time in traffic on their way to the event. They’ve spent time finding a parking spot and waited in line while trying to get into the stadium. They have most likely already had a few alcoholic beverages as well. All of these small “speedbumps” on the way to the event can tend to frustrate the spectators. Combining these
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