Causes of Stress Among Teachers

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a) Generating ideas Excessive workload Causes of stress Inadequate Large class size salaries Societal factors Involuntary transfer b) Focusing c) Supporting Introduction Stress could simply be defined as an unpleasant emotion which arises when people worry that they could not cope with excessive pressures or other types of demand placed upon them such as anger or depression by a teacher usually accompanied by potentially pathogenic, physiological and biochemical changes resulting from aspects of the teacher’s job. Therefore, it is essential for both pre-service teachers and those already in the profession to identify the causes of stress. Large class size…show more content…
Unsupportive parents come under two major varieties which are not involved and too involved. Parents whom not involved are those parents who are not available, incapable or uninterested in their children’s education and those who put the whole responsibility of educating their children on teachers. Parents whom too involved are those parents who have decided that the real education is only possible if parents constantly monitor what occurs in the school. Usually, this parents feel that their child is being overlooked by the teacher and that only constant pressure on their part will rectify the situations. Generally, parents are perceived by the teachers as either unhelpful, unavailable or intrusive although all parents are not of such kind. This societal factors is one of the causes of stress. It is generally accepted that stress is a multi-dimensional and multi-concept. Increasingly it has acquired a negative connotation, implying excessive demand or pressure. It is difficult to distinguish stress from its causes and effects. Large class size, inadequate salaries and societal factor are the causes of stress among teachers. However, the teachers should fine an effective way to overcome their stress such as take control of the situations, figure out what is the most important and set priorities. By practicing these alternative they can reduce their stress and become more relevant in their

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