Causes of Understaffing at the Online University

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Understaffing at the Online University Causes of understaffing at the Online University Understaffing is a serious issue in any company or organization. It means that the company or organization lacks the necessary human resources to cover the workload in the organization and to complete the tasks available efficiently and effectively. There are many reasons that lead to understaffing in any organization. It can be intentional or unintentional. Intentional is when the company institutes cost-cutting measures and unintentional can be due to hidden factors within the organization. Intentional understaffing is harder to control and rectify than unintentional understaffing since when it is intentional, it is planned for in the strategic plan of the organization. The problems that are brought about by understaffing need to be controlled since it causes a huge burden which falls mostly on the existing workers who must put in more effort in order to cover for the others. Understaffing at the Online University is brought about by low morale of the workers. Since the workers at the University are all volunteers, they lost hope of getting any relief from their financial woes since they do not receive any form of compensation. Moreover, since they do not have an effective leader to guide them, they feel they are demotivated to work. Low morale leads to workers not showing interest in their own jobs, and it directly affects their productivity in the workplace(Meier & Stutzer,

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