Essay about Causes of Unemployment in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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2. Methods
This report aims to investigate causes of unemployment in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as problems and solutions of unemployment in this country. Exploration of causes of unemployment is analyzed by utilizing of the book written by Rajko Tomas entitled Nezaposleni. Moreover, data related to problems of unemployment in Bosnia and Herzegovina is gathered from the book by Miomir Jaksic entitled Makroekonomija. The articles related to poverty and going abroad of young population are collected from the book Osnovi ekonomije written by Slobodan Barac and Budimir Stakic and its articles are very beneficial for our topic. Finally, the solutions of unemployment in Bosnia and Herzegovina are analyzed by utilizing online articles
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For example, if they break undeclared work, more people will be fired and it leads to increase in unemployment rate. Consequently, it is obvious from above that undeclared work is harmful for the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as for its citizens.
3.1.2 Corruption
Another important cause of unemployment in Bosnia and Herzegovina is corruption. At the end of each year, numerous organizations do researches related to corruption in Bosnia and Herzegovina. One of these organizations is Transparency International organization. According to Transparency International, Bosnia and Herzegovina is represented as the one of the most corrupted and the most undeveloped countries in Europe. The corruption rate in this country is calculated as 14.9% and it places Bosnia and Herzegovina as the 5th country on the list of corrupted countries. During last four years, this country records constant decrease in global corruption rate because the other countries involved in this survey showed high increase in corruption rate. Moreover, Divjak (2012) states that this country did not make any improvement or decline in corruption rate, so it represents stagnation in economy. Although the decrease is finally stopped, the result is disappointing because there is no desire of the government to overcome the corruption. According to Tomas (2004, p.141.)
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