Causes of World War Two

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How far was Adolf Hitler the cause of World War II

World War II (WWII), the deadliest conflict of human history, stems from the following major causes—Adolf Hitler, appeasement, the Treaty of Versailles, the weakness of the League of Nations, and world economic depression. All of such factors stand amid heated historical debates between two sets of conflicting schools of thought—structuralism, otherwise known as functionalism, against intentionalism, and orthodoxy against revisionism. Although all five reasons possess significant weight in causing the Second World War, the Adolf Hitler factor exceeds the others in its importance.

To begin with, Adolf Hitler is considered to be the main factor that led to the outbreak of WWII firstly
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Moreover, Taylor supports the structuralist view by stating that evidence from Treaty of Brest Litovsk and Bethmann-Hollwegg Memorandum shows that Hitler’s ideas, such as Lebensraum, were essentially traditional, which implies that even if Hitler had not led Germany, the same consequences would have been elicited.

Furthermore, appeasement, a policy based on the assumption that willingness to compromise would avert conflict by protecting the essential interests of nations, is regarded as another major cause of WWII. Appeasement was an increasingly prevalent theme in international foreign policies up to WWII, and Britain, which saw previous successes from Anglo-French and Anglo-Russian colonial agreements of 1904 and 1907, was most eager in adopting it as a main policy. Moreover, along with France, Britain was also given justifications to continue the policy of appeasement on the grounds of the Treaty of Versailles. In 1937 Britain launched a major initiative in which it had hoped to divert German expansion in Eastern Europe by offering Germany colonies in Africa. However, the complete failure of this approach was marked by the even accelerated pace of German expansion as seen in Anschluss and the German destruction of Czechoslovakia in 1939. Following the failure, Chamberlain, the Prime Minister of Britain, was bitterly accused by not only both left and right wing British historians and
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