Causes of Ww2

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The basic causes of World War II were nationalistic tensions, unresolved issues, and resentments resulting from the First World War and the effects of the Great Depression. Even though what sparked the Second World War were the invasion of Poland by Germany and the invasion of China by Japan, there are still so many little reasons the whole war fused up. The main the cause of this war was the Treaty of Versailles. Woodrow Wilson believed that Germany should have been punished but not as severely as it was. It left Germany with much resentment which pushed them to want to be number one in Europe so that they would not have to be attacked any longer. The Treaty of Versailles was made by the central powers which attacked Germany and said…show more content…
Well taking Poland, is exactly what dear Adolf Hitler did. While that whole thing was going on in Europe, there was a similar story going on in Asia. The League of Nations was set up so if there was any tension between countries, they would settle it talking rather than fighting right away. Japan was hit in a bad depression and their only solution was to invade China. China asked The League of Nations to get involved and when they did Japan didn’t pay any attention. The League continued to ask countries to stop trading with Japan, hoping they would leave China alone, but other countries didn’t want to risk losing trade and denied the request. They asked one last time, but Japan didn’t leave China, and being annoyed with so many requests, Japan decided to leave the League of Nations. A similar thing happened with Italy. Italy proceeded to invade Abyssinia, which had no strength to fight Italy so they asked The League for help. The league called other members to stop trading with Italy but they were not made since Italy would not be affected by it seeming that they would continue to trade with non-members. Britain and France didn’t want to risk Italy making an attack on them so they left it alone. When summing it all up there were four main causes of the Second World War: Nationalism, Totalitarianism, Imperialism, and the Failure of The League of Nations. Fascist party created in Italy and Nazi party created in Germany was a group
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