Causes of the Cold War Essay

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There are several who have a different approach of whether it’s the U.S or the Soviets’ fault for causing the Cold War. In reality, they have always had clashing ideologies and different structures of government that have played a major role in leading them to embark upon such a distrustful relationship. Furthermore, the Soviets distrusted the U.S way before WWII when they intervened in the Russian Civil War and didn’t recognize the Soviet Union until 1933. As a result, during and after WWII, the Soviets were determined to dominate European countries with their own political agenda to become the hegemonic power and believed the U.S. had the same motive. However, the U.S was more eager on protecting these Eastern countries from communist …show more content…
And when the U.S dropped the nuclear bomb on Japan in 1945, the Soviets felt threatened and justified their own demise in the matter by reckoning that the U.S is trying set an example for others, indirectly stating that they are vigorously in possession of such power, completely destructing cities . Consequently, this drove the Soviets to become even more active and to have a stronger stance in foreign policy (Doc B). In addition to, the Soviets also believe that the U.S was trying to spread capitalism across Europe by establishing the Marshall Plan in which the U.S financially helped European countries to boost their economy and social status. This program was also applied to the Soviet Union but they didn’t accept it because they believed that it was a direct attempt for the U.S to dominate European affairs (Doc E), since those that accepted this plan were to become its allies in return for the aid provided.

The U.S did not want to engage in immediate war with the Soviets, and as a solution to

set a blockade against Soviet ideologies, they adopted “containment”, which derived from the

Long Telegram that George Kennan drafted (Doc D). This message to Washington D.C. explained

that the Soviet Union will inevitably collapse if they contain them and their policies since
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