Causes of the Effects That Materialize as Management Problems: A Case Study

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It is very important to understand the causes of the effects that materialize as management problems. In this essay I will explain the causes of the problems Shipping Firm CEO is experiencing and offer a strategy in dealing with this multi-lateral personnel problem. I will first outline the criteria I am making these recommendations upon. I will then explore the causes of these problems, and lastly, I will offer a simple strategic solution that will help remedy the problems and increase productivity and profitability. Criteria The previous staff meeting saw the construction of nine criteria that may shape the form of important decisions made throughout Shipping Firm. While many of the criteria are valid arguments to consider, the criteria describing the long-term ramifications and effects of the company if a new policy is set in regards to this situation. The ramifications are huge if this problem is not solved and corrected immediately. The long-term planning for this company is most important in this case due to the nature of this problem to continuously make itself known sporadically while eating away profits and distracting our primary goal of taking care of our employees and customers. Causes CEO, the cause of your problem is not that your employee's take drugs, the problem is that they cost money when they make mistakes. Workman's compensation is what is killing our profit line and we need to manage that problem. Mistakes are the issue in this problem.

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