Causes of the Six Day War

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What were the causes of Israel-Palestine war? TABLE OF CONTENTS ABSTRACT AANALYSIS THE CAUSES OF ISRAEL/PALESTINE CONFLICT: THE FIRST INTIFADA 1987-93 DIVIDING THE MAP THE 1948 WAR ZIONISM 1967/OCCUPATION THE ARABS, TERRORISM & SECURITY: “NO SOLUTION” THE WALL/FENCE/BARRIER DELEGITIMIZING THE STATEHOOD DECLARATION BY PALESTINE THE IMPACT OF SCARCE WATER RESOURCES ON THE ARAB-ISRAEL CONFLICT CAMP DAVID FAILURE THE ISRAEL-PALESTINE CONFLICT IS CENTRAL TO THE MILITANTS’ CAUSE Abstract The notion of this research essay is to discuss the causes of the Israel-Palestine war. The first priority of the paper is to address the war in detail by describing the war. Another perspective that the essay will take in answering the…show more content…
Al Qaeda Another key concept in the study of Israel-Palestine war is that of Al Qaeda which is an international terrorist organization more of an ideology than an organization. According to Burke (2004:1) in 1987, Abdullah Azzam, the forefront dialogue for contemporary Sunni Muslim fundamental advocates, instigated for al-Qaeda al-sulbah which is a frontline of the robust. The notorious leader envisioned an ideology about men acting autonomously, as the route that will lead the all of the Islamic society and therefore stimulate the umma which refers to worldwide community of believers against its oppressors. The al Qaeda endorses the general rule of terrorism. Concept of delegitimization According to Oren & Bar-Tal (2011:112), in broad, delegitimization refers to stereotypes with tremendously bad meanings that is used to label a particular instance of group categorization. Furthermore the scholar states that it is based on tremendously negative outgroup classification and targeted at depriving the other group’s humanity. Yasser Arafat Arafat, President of the Palestinian Authority (PA), decided that the new State of Palestine should be drove in blood and fire thus he released Palestinian militants instead of accepting a discussed resolve of the encounter (Jansen, 2003:1). According to Jansen (2003:16), the Arafat and the Palestinian authorities wanted an outburst of viciousness the scholar further stated that the
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