Causing Harm For Economic Growth

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Causing Harm for Economic Growth Has anyone noticed that the gas prices have become affordable for everyone, the gas prices across the United States have decreased because of the growth of exploration to locate oil in states across America. Our nation has become one of the world’s largest oil producers. Our country does not export crude oil and import much less annually (Black). Although we are enjoy lower oil prices, the ramifications to our environment are taking a toll by increasing the number of oil spills. Thousands of gallons of oil are spilled each year from offshore facilities. The government can’t regulate storms and hurricanes that cause hundreds of oil spills. Oil is toxic for most fish and other marine species and cleanup methods can only remove a small fraction of oil spilled in marine waters (Black). Although gas prices have diminished, the healthy life of our oceans are coming to an end because of the marine pollution caused from the big drilling companies. The threat of oil spills increase with the higher number of offshore drilling areas up and down the United States coasts (Black). With offshore drilling the pollution is increasing which is altering the patterns of the fish and marine mammals around the world. Our water sources are the leading food sources in the world and many countries rely on them to feed the population. These water sources provide many job opportunities allow0ing people all over the world financially steady lives. Although
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