Cave Art History

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On September 12, 1940, four French teenagers discovered something very extraordinary in a cave. Their dog had fallen into a cave and they could not get it out. A few days later after the dog was rescued, the four boys went back to the cave to see what was inside it. After the tough one of the group was repelled into the cave by his friends, he could not believe what he was seeing. The group found artifacts that dated back to the prehistoric times. Over the next few days the teenagers explored much farther, and reported back to their teacher. They contacted a local cave art specialist that knew all about these kinds of writings. Soon after the discovery was made many visitors came from near and far just to see the cave writings. They found paintings of bison and horses running free in an open field, and there were many colors that the prehistoric people used in their paintings.…show more content…
The people that created the masterpiece were believed to come to the cave right after the last ice age. Many of the drawings that are in the cave are handprints of the people that would come to the cave many years ago. All of the animals in the cave are lined up in the order of their breeding season. Scientists are unable to say whether it took days, weeks, months, or years to create the stunning drawings. The colors that the ancient people use came straight from Earth itself. The colors were prepared by mixing the colorful object with a liquid and applying it with a
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