Caveman And Stanley's Relationship

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Imagine leaving your family for 18 months while you’re of at a Jail Camp? How would you feel? Well, Stanley Yelnats had to go through it all. Through the influence of Zero’s friendship, Stanley changes from being unloyal, mentally weak, and unconfident to a loyal, mentally strong, confident person. In the beginning of the novel, Stanley was described as a mentally weak, unloyal, unconfident boy. The text states the conversation between Caveman and Stanley saying “‘Hey watch it’ said an orange Lump on a chair’’, “‘then Stanley said’ “ You watch it ’’, “‘the Lump replied with’, “what did you say” ,”Stanley replied with’ “Nothing” (pg 44, Sachar) The novel supports that Stanley was so tired from digging holes that his mental weakness kicked in. Another part about Stanley is he doesn’t have much loyalty, it says “‘ Can you teach me’ Zero asks Stanley, stanley replied with ’’Sorry” (pg 82, Sachar) This proves that Stanley has no loyalty towards Zero because he is not willing to help a person who doesn’t know how to read or write. Stanley isn’t confident, it clearly says “ He was overweight and the kids at his middle school often teased him about his weight” ( pg 8, Sachar) This means since he has got teased a lot that he has lost a most of his confidence. Stanley has shown…show more content…
As the novel went on Zero and Stanley’s friendship started to change, one of the best quotes was when Stanley said “As long as Zero could keep going I could keep going to. He is affected by this in a very good way, it shows that Stanley has grown mentally strong because he keeps fighting himself to get up big thumb. During the boys’ journey up the mountain Zero showed a lot of character when “ Zero had gashes in both of his hands , he had held onto the metal blade of the shovel keeping in place as Stanley climbed up” ( pg 166, Sachar) this shows how Zero is loyal to Stanley when he used his strength to get Stanley up a tall
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