Cavus Feet Essay

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Effect of Having Cavus Feet in Running for Marathons

Do you love running in marathons? Of course, you do! You love the feel of the wind as you run and there’s the uplifting cheering of the crowd. It feels like there’s nothing stopping you. But you only thought so.

Your feet, your very weapon in running for marathons, seem to be the one causing you problems. Despite doing proper training, you experience pain especially on your toes and heels, and you frequently sustain ankle sprains every time you run. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you might have cavus feet.

What Are Cavus Feet?
Cavus feet in simpler terms are high arched feet. This means that the arch of your foot is higher than normal. This is the complete opposite of someone
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With high arched feet, you’ll develop corns and calluses in your toes, ball of the foot and heels. Corns and calluses might seem harmless but they might cause you more pain as you run. Corns and calluses are thick and hardened layer of your skin which also take up room in your shoes making your feet too tight and cramped.

Cavus Feet: Causes and Management
Cavus feet may be hereditary. If your parents have high arched feet, then you have inherited it from them. But sometimes, this condition can also be caused by certain medical ailments such as polio, stroke, cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders. Wearing poorly fitted shoes does not cause cavus feet but it can worsen your current condition.

Usually, you can manage your cavus feet using non-surgical interventions such as:
Wear high arch shoes. You can still run and lessen the pain by wearing high arch shoes. These are specialized shoes with excessive toe to heel arch elevation to fill up the gap of your high foot arch.
Use custom-made shoe inserts and silicone foot pads. If high arch shoes are not available, you can modify your footwear by using custom-made shoe inserts. You can also add silicone foot pads to cushion your foot and reduce the pressure and impact as you
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