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bChapter 2 Value and the Consumer Behavior VALUE Framework WHAT DO YOU THINK Polling Question I get a lot out of shopping even when I don’t buy anything. Strongly disagree 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Strongly agree Have students access www.cengagebrain.com to answer the polling questions for each chapter of CB. Ask them to take the online poll to see how their answers compare with other students taking a consumer behavior course across the country. Then turn to the last page of the chapter to find the What Others Have Thought box feature. This graph is a snapshot of how other consumer behavior students have answered this polling question thus far. Learning Outcomes After studying this chapter, the student should be able to:…show more content…
Relationship quality reflects the connectedness between a consumer and a retailer, brand, or service provider. Consumption Process The consumption process contains many factors, which can be divided into internal, external, and situational influences. Internal Influences: The Psychology and Personality of the Consumer Internal influences constitute the psychology of the consumer. For example, how will customers react to a price increase from $80 to $100? Does it matter whether an item is priced at $69.99 or $70? The psychology of the consumer involves both cognition and affect. Individual differences are the traits including personality and lifestyle differences that help determine consumer behavior. This is the personality of the consumer. So a consumer with an outdoorsy personality might be happier with a convertible over a person who is happier spending time indoors. |Slide 7 |Slide 8 |Slide 9 | |[pic] |[pic] |[pic] | Why do consumers have such varied tastes in food? External influences include the social and cultural aspects of life as a consumer. The social environment includes the people and groups who help shape a
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