Cbre Analysis

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1.1: Marketing Concept

1. Commercial Bank Richard Ellis (CBRE) is a commercial real estate services company. CBRE positions itself as the global real estate service provider and investment advisor for commercial properties investment. Knowing the nature of real estate business is localization; CBRE also markets itself as local and regional brokerage for smaller scale transaction. CBRE’s philosophy behind its marketing concept is to facilitate market efficiency. Due to the immobile nature of real properties and lack of central real estate exchange system, information on real estate investment is costly and not easily accessible. Through its competitive advantage created by the scale of economy, CBRE is able to satisfy consumers’
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Investors’ confidences were shaken, concerning whether CBRE has failed to move up to the new era – green properties.

Responsively, CBRE adopted new programs and implemented them as their management philosophy. The company was listed under Center of Companies that Care Organization. Even today, the company has been proactive in participating and creating green housings and environmental friendly products. As a result, CBRE’s participation in green housing gained applause among their consumers and regained their prominent reputation.

Yet the company could be more socially or ethically responsible as a global leader in the commercial real estate service sector. Since research and study on environmental areas are time consuming without foreseeable profits; rarely, any risk adverse real estate company would devote itself fully on society well-being study. CBRE could develop a sub-company and/or sub-section that focus on innovative solutions, either solely or collaboratively with related environmental authorities, to facilitate the process of environmental recovery.

1.2 SWOT analysis of Ginch Gonch

Internal Environment 1. Company Position & Performance - trendsetter in underwear segment (S) Innovation in daily products attracts consumers - increasing sales in North America and Europe (S) Consumers are

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