Cbt Principles And Family Systems Theory

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1. Discuss the integration of CBT principles and family systems theories. From a Christian world view perspective integrating the pragmatic approach of CBT with the relational methodology prevalent in family systems theories just seems like a sound idea. Christians express that mankind is created in the image of God and exhibit the relational quality found in Him. Therefore, combining the two modalities would benefit clients in that change is sought with CBT from an “outside-in” orientation and with family systems from the “inside-out”. CBT is based on the dynamic formulation of patients’ problems and an individual conceptualization of each patient in cognitive terms (Beck, 2011). However, changing only one part (i.e., the individual) of the whole (i.e., the family unit) may be difficult at best or impossible at worst if the presenting problem is not conceptualized to include how familial relationships, patterns, communication, and behaviors affect both inter- and intrapersonal skill deficits. By integrating CBT and family systems theories the individual and the family can learn to recognize how certain behaviors impact different parts of the family unit. Moreover, numerous techniques can be implemented such as behavior and anger management, emotional regulation, problem-solving skills, social skills training, cognitive restructuring, and active listening (Beck, 2011) to assist the family unit with becoming better adjusted as a cohesive entity. Instead of treating

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