Cbt Therapy

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CBT to Treat Generalized Anxiety Cognitive Therapy (CT) or Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) was pioneered by Dr. Aaron T. Beck in the 1960s, while he was a psychiatrist and professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Before being hired for this job he had practiced psychoanalysis elsewhere and became interested in advancing the field. While at the University of Pennsylvania Dr. Beck designed and carried out several experiments to test psychoanalytic concepts that delta with depression. Through this research Dr. Beck was hoping to validate the fundamental concepts associated with psychoanalytic therapy, during his studies he was surprised to find the opposite. Instead of validating his previous studies he founded the concept of…show more content…
Cognition can involve anything dealing with judging, conceiving, reasoning and remembering. Cognition can be anything that one think. In cognitive therapy these are usually negative thoughts. These thoughts are usually what therapy sessions are centered around Beck identified six different types of faulty thinking: 1. ARBITRARY INFERENCE - Drawing conclusions about oneself or the world without sufficient and relevant information. 2. SELECTIVE ABSTRACTION - Drawing conclusion from very isolated details and events without considering the larger context or picture. 3. OVERGENERALIZATION - Holding extreme beliefs on the basis of a single incident and applying it to a different or dissimilar and inappropriate situation. 4. MAGNIFICATION AND EXAGGERATION - The process of overestimating the significance of negative events. 5. PERSONALIZATION - Relating external events to one another when no objective basis for such a connection is apparent. 6. POLARIZED THINKING - An "all-or-nothing," "good or bad," and "either-or" approach to viewing the world. therapy sessions can be done individually,with a group of people, and more recently popular with a self-help book or computer program ( individual and group therapy are more widely known forms of therapy however with the fast pace and technology savvy world we live in today self-help and computer based programs are growing in popularity, self-help books
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