Cbt as the Most Effective Form of Treatment for Gad

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Effectiveness of CBT In the Treatment of GAD Abstract An examination of current literature in the field of psychology has shown that cognitive behavioral therapy is an empirically supported and effective treatment type for a multitude of disorders, especially a variety of anxiety disorders. Keywords: effectiveness, CBT, anxiety, GAD, treatment. Effectiveness of CBT In the Treatment of GAD Cognitive-Behavioral therapy (CBT) is an empirically supported treatment for a variety of disorder diagnoses. Although pharmacological treatments are the most widely used method of treatment in anxiety disorders in America, research has found that even though patients respond sufficiently to medication treatment initially some are unable…show more content…
Information about age of onset and duration of SAD, subtypes of SAD, psychiatric comorbidity and medication use were also obtained. The patients were assessed with an extensive questionnaire battery using observer-rated assessments and self report questionnaires at baseline, post-treatment and at 3 and 12-month follow-ups. It was found that with extensive CBT treatment quality of life and SAD symptomatology were effected in a positive way, however throughout a twelve month follow-up with patients who did not continue with CBT treatment, the results did not hold up. And lastly they found that low levels of SAD, non-generalized SAD and family support were factors that influenced the resilience of the treatment benefits (Watanabe, Furukawa, Chen, Kinoshita, Nakano, Ogawa, & Noda. 2010). ADD CRITIQUE In another study by Habby, Connelly, Corry & Vos (2005) they looked at a range of disorders including: GED (generalized anxiety disorder), panic disorder and depression in order to investigate which factors other than diagnosis would influence the effectiveness of CBT. They used the technique of meta-analysis to determine an overall effect size and meta-regression to determine the factors that impact on this effect size. Including randomized controlled trials, pill placebo or
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