Cbt vs Psychoanalysis

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Introduction The psychodynamic group consists of four main therapies; Freud 's psychoanalytic approach, Jungian, Adlerian and Object Relations. The therapist is focused on personality reconstruction, gaining insight to unconscious motivations and suppressed materials predominately relating to early childhood. "The basic psychodynamics of the person are established early in life during the stages of psychosexual development. The role of subsequent experiences is determined by the motivational patterns established in early childhood (Mischel, 1971, pg.51). The cognitive-behavioural group consists of four behavioural treatment therapies; Behavioural Modification, Cognitive-Behavioural, Rational Emotive Behavioural and Reality Therapy.…show more content…
This process is called a 'lifestyle assessment ' (Corey, 2001 pg. 115). Alderian Therapy includes incorporating social interest, community feeling and birth order. To be happy and connect with others we need to feel a belonging in society. Richard would need to master how to relate to others, make a contribution, achieve intimacy, have self-acceptance and develop a spiritual dimension. Encouraging Richard to identify old patterns and act as if he was a new person - the person he wants to be, would do this. Corey (2001) explains the reorientation stage as the final stage in therapy "This phase focuses on helping people discover new and more functional alternatives. Clients are encouraged and challenged to develop the courage to take risks and make changes in their lives" (pg. 124). Depending on the birth order and sibling relationships, the people in a family will experience the same environmental upbringing but have different psychological situations. "Birth order and the interpretation of one 's position in the family have a great deal to do with how adults interact in the world"(Corey, 2001, pg 133). Analysis: Assuming Richard is an only child he may feel a great need for achievement and drive, which is what he may have been doing to try to please his parents and wives by being a perfect husband and son. Only children may not learn to share or co-operate with other children but will deal well with adults who could be
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