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Cox's Container Company is a company that is undergoing change management for various reasons. Firstly, the company has expanded over the years and hence requires for more structures to be in place to improve efficiency as so to increase profitability. Secondly, change is needed to deal with the increasing competition.
Current Status of Change Management
An urgency for change is created by Harold Cox. He felt change is needed to improve the company's business and hence appointed Erica as the chief in charge to initiate the change process. (1st step of John Kotter's model- initial motivation for change to take place). Erica indentified that CCC lacked effective operational and cost controls. She felt that there is a
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Moreover, a large number of staff have worked for CCC for more than 10 years and they would definitely not be incline to the use of the new system
Before change can be successful, there should be some 'push' from CCC's top management. In this paper, we will focus on the remaining seven steps of John Kotter's Change Model and also Kurt Lewin's model of change management process.
Communicating The Need For Change
Kotter's Model state that in order to initiate change after creating the urgency, there require a powerful coalition and a need to convince the members of the organization for the necessity of the change. A leader to lead the change is needed and this person must be able to bring people together and encourage them to start working as a team. A vision for change should be communicated to the members of the organization.
From the case study, we learn that Harold Cox is the key person involved in all strategic decision making and there is little involvement from other managers. It is only in recent years that he begun to delegate the task to them. From here, we can identify that CCC has relatively simple organizational structures and the functioning of CCC is highly dependent on the capabilities of Harold Cox, Hence, Harold is a critical person in the change process.
Secondly, Harold is highly regarded within the local community for his political and financial support for ethnic minorities in the area and two thirds of his company's

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