Ccot Between Africa and Eurasia Trade Networks from 300ce-1450ce

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April 24, 2013 Period 3 Changes and Continuity over Time There are plenty of changes yet some no changes in the trade works between Africa and Eurasia from 300CE-1450CE. The motives for creating trade relations was to get the necessary goods to live on as well as becoming richer despite of living in different regions. However the goods that were traded changed like gold, salt, indigo, and Persian rugs. As well as the trading of ideas that changed technology and religion. Trade between Africa and Eurasia remained constant during 300CE. Egypt would rise in power becoming an empire in Africa while Eurasia was a combination of…show more content…
There would be many goods and raw materials going back and forth like silk from China, indigo from India, and textile from Europe. In Africa, there was a birth of Islam in 600CE and it was spread throughout the Middle East due to the trading between nations in East Africa. Also due to the trading between East Africa and East Asia, the Islamic culture was able to spread to India through the Indian Ocean trade. Due to the Silk Road, when the Mongols took over most of China, the Black Plague in the 1300s was able to spread starting from China to Britain killing thousands of people. The Black Plague was a positive effect for China because the Mongols would throw dead infected bodies when it was at war with their enemies. Since the Black Plague can be transmitted by land, Africa wasn't really affected by it so it was in the safe zone due to its area being near the coasts. The major change in Africa due to trading was the spreading of Islam culture that influenced the way people live which gave birth to a group of people called Muslims. The effects of the trade networks was able to let people know that there's more to the world than what they can see, hear, and learn from. There was cultural diffusion like Islam starting from East Africa spreading towards the Middle East and India. However, this was all caused by the need of having resources and raw goods like gold and salt as well as the development of

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