Cctv Installation in School

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I. PROJECT PROFILE A. PROJECT TITLE: “Installation Of Cctv Camera in Rizal Technological University” B. PROPONENTS: Paulo Villanueva is a BS Electronics and Communication Engineering student and a current DOST scholar in RTU. He is the encoder and the one who will lead this group to have a good formal report in installation of CCTV camera in RTU. Here are the other members of this group. Neil Villanueva also a BS Electronics and Communication Engineering student and he is the one who’s responsible to search for the needed floor plans in each building in RTU. John Eric Yet, a BS Electronics and Communication Engineering Student having a background with gadgets and technology he was assigned to gather data all about the…show more content…
Care must be taken though to ensure the video footages is actually being monitored on a regular and timely basis. Also Professor’s performance can be evaluated on the basis of the video footages. Moreover any undesired event will be captured from any point of view. This proposal will be in need of funding assistance of three hundred thousand pesos worth for the acquisition and installation of the CCTV and security cameras also additional funding assistance for Repairs and monthly maintenances. B. PROJECT DESCRIPTION * PROJECT SITE Rizal Technological University (RTU) is the only state university in Mandaluyong city. It was established on 11 July 1969, and is located on Boni Avenue. The university’s roster of undergraduate and graduate programs encompass the fields of pure and applied sciences, political science, psychology, statistics, public administration, business and entrepreneurial technologies, education, engineering and industrial technologies, nursing, and astronomy. The school was also widely known as Rizal Technological College (RTC) before becoming a university. It has six buildings and this project will focus in the ITC building wherein Engineering students are shaped for its best. The ITC building has 4 (four) floors with the total of sixty six (66) rooms (restrooms are not included) and this is the project site. Please refer to the figure 1-13 in the Annexes *
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