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Hi there. My name is Genevieve (Jenna for short) and I’m proud to say I am a part of CCU’s class of 2019. I come from a small town in the middle of nowhere in Harford County, Maryland. I have two younger sisters, so I’m the first one of the family to tackle this adventure. I’m planning on majoring in communication with a minor in photography. I discovered my passion for writing/business/broadcasting when I was placed into a journalism class in tenth grade. I never thought I’d end up being the business manager and one of many reporters on a staff that created a 20-page newspaper every month for the next three years, and a main anchor on our daily morning announcements. I applied to eight colleges without visiting (which I don’t recommend) and…show more content…
Here’s some advice I’ve come up with after learning the basics at CCU: 1. The campus isn’t extremely big, but it can get confusing, so always have a map handy, until you get the hang of it. 2. Make friends and get involved. No one knows who you are, it’s basically a fresh start. And you could discover you love something you didn’t even know existed. Just don’t act like someone you’re not, because that act will get old very quickly. 3. Go to class. No matter what you’ve heard, you need to be in class to pass. Not all professors post their assignments online, and it’s so much easier to understand the content if you’re there to discuss it. 4. Don’t bring any animals other than a fish. We don’t need any more feral cats running around. (Wait for orientation, you’ll understand if you don’t already) 5. Be respectful. To anyone you meet, to the RA’s, to your professors, and to the rules. It will get you so much further. 6. Keep up with your CINO card. You’ll know how many swipes you have left in the dining halls and how much money you have to spend. That will also be the holder of your tickets into games. It’s your lifeline, don’t lose
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