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Competency Statement VI
To maintain a commitment to professionalism In any job that you have you have to maintain professionalism in the workplace. You especially need to maintain that professionalism when your work with children. It is very important to do this because it reflects on yourself and your employer. If you work in a childcare facility and wear very inappropriate clothing then chances are you will not be working there long. Professionalism is very important when you work with children.
What will you do to ensure that you are continuing your professional growth in Early Childhood? Continuing my professional growth in Early Childhood is very important to me. The way I could do that would be to learn more things about that area. Talk to different people that have knowledge in this type of expertise. Learn all of the qualifications that it takes to
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With different children in the class you have to make sure to keep each child’s learning to their levels. Keep researching new ways for the children to learn more information each week. Make sure to stay along licensing rules. Get trained in the fields I need so that I will know everything that I need to know for the children. Making sure to have them in a safe place so that they will feel safe there is important. Make sure to learn about the children’s families because knowing that information can help better understand the children. I will make sure to let the families always know the local school hours. Let the parents know about my program’s mission. Keeping the parents and other staff up to date on what I’m planning to do. Keeping my policies up to date such as communication with parents, curriculum, discipline and guidance, drop-off and pick-ups, emergency closings, others authorized to pick up the children, fees and payment arrangements, food and nutrition, etc. One of the most important things would just be keeping everyone up to
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