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Officer and Noncommissioned Officer Relationship
MSG Terwan Crawley
United States Army Sergeants Major Academy
Class 63
SGM Johnny Williams
March 29, 2013

The disparity between officers and non-commissioned officers (NCO) in the military still prevails on the social and professional levels. The major issue of the relationship between these groups of men is considered an issue of class structure which is attributed to the differences in the educational levels between them. NCOs are treated in the same manner as a low category enlisted men and as such do not serve as a bridge between the enlisted men and officers. This wide social gap tends to make the learning process imprudent and ineffective. Many of the NCOs usually
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They are the leaders responsible for the execution of the mission of a military organization as well as the training for the preparation of military personnel to accomplish their missions. NCOs are subordinate to commissioned officers and it is essential that harmony is maintained between the NCOs and the commissioned officers for the effective and smooth flowing activities involved in the completion of their missions.
Officers and NCOs as Responsible Leaders
With great authority indeed comes great responsibility. The commissioned and non-commissioned officers carry great responsibility, but the level of responsibility each individual carries is different throughout this career. A new sergeant is responsible for a single squad, whereas a lieutenant is responsible for an entire platoon. The commissioned officer plays a management role and is responsible for supervising hundreds or thousands of soldiers in accomplishing a mission. Most importantly, it must be well acknowledge by the citizens that these commissioned officers strive to accomplish every mission with utmost dedication and excellence as they are confided and charged with serving as models of the Army values in the performance of their leadership duties as they serve the nation with full dignity and a lifelong devotion. The commissioned

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