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CAREER EPISODE 1 "Designing of the Side Arm Charger" During the time I have worked at XXXXX since February 2001 for approximately 5 continuous years as a full time mechanical engineering expert I have been assigned several engineering design projects.
One of the projects I have been assigned at October 2005 to work on was to design the side arm charger of a wagon un-loader system. XXXXX was selected as the designer and execution supervisor of this project. The wagon un-loader system will be installed in KHORASAN Steel Complex (; KSC) at Neyshabour. The main purpose in KHORASAN Steel Complex is to construct a reduction plant in order to increase the amount of produced sponge iron to be used in the steel industries. This
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I submitted and discussed the design project plan to the mechanical coordinator and took his approval on the plan. I had planned to complete all the activities including design, verification, and inquiry document preparation and engineering drawing and quality control plan documentation within 3 months.
1-6) After I took the approval of the mechanical design project plan, I conducted to provide an overall cost estimation of the design and execution of such a project considering a parametric cost estimating method based on a conceptual and preliminary draft design and reported the documented results to the mechanical coordinator. Regarding the results achieved we predicted an approximate saving of 250,000 euros only due to mechanical engineering design and execution.
2) Preliminary Studies
2-1) To get aware about the client’s technical requirements, since the wagon un-loader system was designing for the first time in Iran, first of all it was required to know about the function and duty of the wagon un-loader system. I requested a technical meeting with the process engineering team under the supervision of process engineering coordinator to get introduced to such an un-loader system. The process
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