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Cecil John Berry - WWI AS91230 Grant Berry - 23 May 2015 Cecil’s military life Cecil John Berry was born on the 22nd of August 1888 in Ashburton. He was born the Eldest son of Fredrick Berry (Records Illegible) Berry. He grew up in Christchurch, resided at 100 Blenheim Road (Which is now a Repco store) and was likely just as eager as other younger men of his age (26) to join the war and fight for King and Country! Based on the account of his daughter Maisie, the war changed him for the worse. He was also my Great Grandfather, which lead me to choose him for this inquiry. Prior to the First World War , Cecil worked as a horse-breaker in Christchurch, he made a decent living, but was still living with his parents when he signed up for the war in 1914. It is highly likely that like many of his peers signing up for the war was when Cecil realised how cruel the world could be. From the information that I have found while researching Cecil, I can say that he was deployed in Egypt and Europe. Cecil fought in many horrendous battles, Gallipoli, Passchendaele and the Somme were three of them. He was in the Canterbury Machine Gun Regiment, which means we can say that he will have killed many men, and faced death on a daily basis. One of the first battles Cecil fought in was the battle of Gallipoli. The battle of Gallipoli is one of the most widely known battles to New Zealanders as it shocked the nation by claiming the lives of many soldiers from New Zealand. On the 25 April

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