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Executive Summary (word count: 104) Ginger Hotels is an Indian hotel chain, established by Roots Corporation Ltd and part of “The Indian Hotels Company Ltd” which is a part of Tata Group. It comes under the brand of “Smart Basics Hotels” having almost 30 hotels in different parts of India. Ginger Hotel looks very similar to the other hotels of the same class with all the facilities that a normal hotel would offer but the difference comes when the services are offered. The Tagline which says “Please help yourselves“ aptly reflects its most distinguishing features like Self-Service Check-in, Give n Take, Smart Get Set, Smart Knick Knacks, Smart Mart. Detailed Case Analysis (word count: 980) Ginger hotels are built around a unique…show more content…
Both the ironing rooms and water dispensers are available in all floors. This particular service is vey much helpful for the managers. They iron their shirts and trousers daily. So even in travel, they can present themselves in professional way, without any extra cost, * Smart Knick Knack: There are vending machines for hot and cold beverages and packed snacks which can be accessed anytime during the stay in hotel regardless of restaurants working or not. These vending machines help to reduce the expense of customers to a great extent. Ginger customers, who are middle level managers, middle class families, etc.., will like to save maximum by without taking the expensive hotel foods. Here the vending machines help them by providing light food at cheaper price. Also they can save time by without going out, to buy the costly food. * Smart Mart: One of the specialties of Ginger hotels is that if you need some basic necessity things such as toiletries, tooth paste, comb, hygiene products, etc.. Then one doesn’t have to go out and wander from shops to shops., there is a vending machine inside the hotel and you can get anything you need from that vending machine. These are some of the vibrant services and experiences you get in Ginger Hotels and surely no other hotels has

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