Cedia’S Personal Philosophy. Smile I Tell Myself, The Last

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Cedia’s Personal Philosophy Smile I tell myself, the last thing anyone wants to see is a grumpy or frowning nurse walking into their room. Be prepared, preparation will make my day function effortlessly. Let them know it is your pleasure to provide them care and let it show through your personality. These are just a couple of the things I tell myself before heading in to what I view as the world’s greatest profession. Establishing a basis on how you intend to plan the care of your assigned patients begins before you even start your shift. The wrong attitude if brought into the door will dictate the shift and the attitudes of the coworkers. Reports given on the patients and how it is perceived can also determine how the shift will flow. …show more content…

Essence of Nursing The essence of nursing to me is presence. When we become tasks oriented and lose focus of the primary reason we are there that is when the essence of nursing is lost. Unfortunately, with staff shortages and nurse to patient ratio increasing nurses barely have enough time to go through the patient’s chart let alone give the patient enough time to even build a good rapport. I am a strong believer in giving patients my undivided attention when I am in the room, I believe in eye contact and touch therapy to connect with patients. “It is that genuine connectedness– Being with another when they are Being most vulnerable, perhaps dying. It is the ‘I–Thou’ relationship rather than ‘I–It’” (Nay, 2010p. 189). What your core values are as a nurse will guide you to be the best nurse possible if you stick to them, remembering why you choose the profession. Treating your patients, the way you would want your mother or grandmother to be treated. Dignity and respect should never be compromised when taking care of patients. I think the thing that we as nurses must remember is that not all personalities will mess well together but there is always someone on your team that can reach that patient, utilize them to uphold your values as a nurse to maintain the professionalism needed to preserve the essence of nursing.

Beliefs and Values As a nurse, you have countless encounters with different patients each having unique views and

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