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Footprinting The phases of an attack 1. Reconnaissance Information gathering, physical and social engineering, locate network range 2. Scanning - Enumerating Live hosts, access points, accounts and policies, vulnerability assessment 3. Gaining Access Breech systems, plant malicious code, backdoors 4. Maintaining Access Rootkits, unpatched systems 5. Clearing Tracks IDS evasion, log manipulation, decoy traffic Information Gathering 1. Unearth initial information What/ Who is the target? 2. Locate the network range What is the attack surface? 3. Ascertain active machines What hosts are alive? 4. Open ports / access points How can they be accessed? 5. Detect operating systems What platform are they? 6. Uncover…show more content…
The C&CC is either a chatroom on IRC, or can even be a distributed system of infected machines. DDoS Tools Trinoo One of the first to demonstrate "Master/slave" DDoS attacks Tribal Flood Network Could launch several DoS attacks from distributed positions at the same time TFN2K Bug fixes and updates to the original TFN Stacheldraht Means "Barbed Wire" in German Agobot A modular IRC bot, many derivatives have been created from this code Nuclear Bot Developed by "Nuclear Winter Crew" and written in Delphi, many features Domain Name Service DNS is critical in the footprinting of a target network. It can sometimes save the attacker a lot of time, or at least corroborate other information that has been gathered. DNS is also a target for several types of attack. Fields in the SOA record: (Time in seconds) 1882919 7200 3600 14400 2400 Serial Refresh Retry Expiry TTL Requesting a zone transfer nslookup; ls -d example.dom dig @ns1.example.dom AXFR host -t AXFR example.dom ns1.example.dom Using Whois whois example.dom Regional Internet Registrars ARIN (North America) APNIC (Asia Pacific Region) LACNIC (Southern and Central America and Caribbean) RIPE NCC (Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia) AfriNIC (Africa) Attacks against DNS servers Zone transfers Information gathering shortcut Zone poisoning Breach the primary server and alter the zone file to corrupt the domain Cache poisoning Send

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