Celebrating Cultural Diversity

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Summary: In the modern world it is very important to understand the terms “globalization” and “culture”. Globalization is a process which involves changes in the natural human life. In other words we may call it as changes in the culture of that particular human being or any other particular group. Culture of a group or particular person mainly tells about the life of people or person, living traditions, historical values, religious matters in that particular social system. So we could say culture is a subsystem with in a lager social system. Now a days every modern critic usually thinks about the globalization and effect of globalization on culture. Does it having positive effect on the culture or does it having negative effect on…show more content…
In my views they were not having different cultural experience other than European culture. In the second example we were almost in the 18th century. Everyone in the world mostly known about the various cultures existed in the world. At that time barriers between the places are slowly dissolving because globalization was slowly increasing. For example during 18th century India was under British ruling. India is mainly famous for the different cultural and ethnic groups. Before 18th century, the culture group named ‘BRHAMIN’ was only educated culture group. After 18th century mass media is developed and communication between the people was developed. Here media is playing a key role in the globalization of particular place or country. In above two examples we could find the globalization was there only in the particular country or particular state. But in the 20th century we can say that globalization takes place not only in the interstate it was extended to the other parts of the world. In the final example the author mainly discussed about the cultural imperialism. Cultural imperialism is mainly due to the spreading other culture dominance or in another words attraction towards other culture activities. Here also I would like to explain the condition of India before 20th century. Before 20th century the dominant religion was Hindu group. After several years this community people was attracted for western
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