Celebrations and Memories Ltd (Cml) Case Exam Mark Assessment Guide

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May 2008 Case Examination Celebrations and Memories Ltd. (CML) MARKER ASSESSMENT GUIDE Markers use a scale of 0 to 10 in assessing the components, according to the following guidelines: General Assessment Number Scale AE—Above Expectations 9, 10 ME—Meets Expectations 6, 7, 8 BE—Below Expectations 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 NA—Not Addressed 0 Markers must mark each of the attributes and competencies globally. Judgment must be used in assessing the competencies exhibited in the candidate’s response and assigning a mark for each competency. Guidelines for weighting the various attributes are indicated throughout the assessment guide. Note: In addressing any of the issues, indicating that the issue “needs to be resolved” or “further…show more content…
Appropriate concepts and tools are chosen and applied appropriately (e.g. free of serious errors, reasonable quality). The following are some relevant performance management concepts and tools that should be applied in the quantitative analyses of the strategic alternatives or the financial assessment: 1. Profitability and decision analyses: Relevant revenues, costs, profit margins, cash flows, and/or net income are appropriately calculated and interpreted. 2. Uncertainty/sensitivity analysis: The effects of uncertainty are considered in the profitability analyses. Examples include calculating or discussing the impact of various potential revenue levels on product line profit margins, and applying the probabilities of successfully negotiating postal outlet and lottery booth contracts. 3. Analyses of the value proposition and markets: Profitability of the various provincial markets or product lines is analyzed. AE = Profitability and/or decision analysis is applied appropriately in the analysis of at least three strategic alternatives and at least one other relevant performance management concept or tool is applied appropriately in the quantitative analyses; ME = Profitability and/or decision analysis is applied appropriately in the analysis of at least two strategic alternatives, OR at least two relevant performance management concepts or
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