Celebrities And Consumer Culture Of Citizens

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Celebrities and consumers alike have evolved thoroughly throughout the years, which has led to them overlapping quite exponentially. Personalities are interlinked majorly with consumers since without the other; the other would cease to exist. This is evident as celebrities livelihood relies completely upon the consumer culture of citizens, which is what makes them famous, and gives them that celebrity role. Whilst this is apparent, the links involve

As stated by Graeme Turner in Understanding Celebrity, ‘the contemporary celebrity will usually have emerged from the sports or entertainment industries; they will be highly visible through the media; and their private lives will attract greater public interest than their professional lives’ which is quite an accurate statement. A majority of the public believes that celebrities exist for the publics’ sake and combined with the statement ‘without us they are nobody’ it sort of correlates. But when you think about the fact that these are people too with feelings, families and private lives, not so much. The introduction of social media allowing everyday people to intrude on celebrities’ lives also breaks the barrier marginally. This allows for another level of interaction for personalities to reach out to the public and therefore can have massive impacts on their stardom. The function of celebrity is to be the ‘super human’. In fashion industries enormous pressure is put on models to remain ‘skinny and attractive’. This is where

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