Celebrity Cruises Essay

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The problem for Celebrity Cruises was clear in they needed to define a clear positioning for its customers and figure out a way to keep the demand strong maintain market share and focus on specific customers in their target market. This meant Celebrity cruises had problems with their strategies and less importantly their operations. Celebrity needed to figure out a way to retain customs with different expectations within their target market whether or not they were initial cruisers, seasonal cruisers or frequent cruisers.

Situation analysis

In analyzing Celebrity’s internal macro-economic environment and the external micro-economic environment structure we will break down a fairly complex entity such as Celebrity Cruise
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This was also apart of their service strategy to make sure that total guest satisfaction was attained for each cruiser using control systems to maintain employee empowerment.

Competitor Analysis Carnival Cruise’s, Disney Cruises and Norwegian was the only other clear competitors to RCL but in terms of subsidiaries Crystal Cruises was the only direct rival in terms of size and scale and position in the industry but in analyzing the demand increase from 1999 to 2001 a 16.7% increase in demand showed that Celebrity cruises had to maintain their position as a luxury brand to continue being a major player in the industry. The demand was strong and the competition was average, as it relates to entries to market the cruise line industry requires multiple stipulations and regulations required thus unless one of the major players mentioned above acquired a smaller cruise line to increase in operations and services Celebrity’s position was relatively strategic and smart. The competitive landscape was relatively small so quality improvement process should be the main focus during this time, they already created the process needed to offer superior service thus tweaks such as management training, career progression programs and increases in standard of performance programs would set Celebrity’s consistent quality assurance position in the industry to better
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