Celebrity Culture And Influence On Drug Use

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Celebrity Culture and Influence on Drug Use
Over time the transformation of celebrity culture and branding has become a way that society interacts and identify with. As defined by the
OxfordDictionary.com, celebrity is a famous person and the state of being well known. Celebrities and their lifestyle is a world that is constantly shown in magazines, television, and social media. The state of being well known attracts endorsers that then brand celebrities with an image to sell a certain along with their merchandise. For years, we have seen the constant up rise and downfall of celebrities generally due to drug substance abuse. Through the exploration of celebrities’ symbolic power, symbolic capital, 4 levels of promotion, and real life examples I will demonstrate the impact (if any) celebrities have had on themselves and young teens/adults drug use. Real life examples will include late UK singer
Amy Winehouse, Argentinian hero Diego Maradona,. By doing this I will give an elaborate analysis on the various ways celebrity culture and drug usage go hand and hand to promote casual drug use as a normalized life style. Aside from doing so, I will also list negative and positive outcomes that arise from celebrity drug usage, addiction, and sadly sometimes death.
First, will be the definitions I will use to illustrate symbolic power, symbolic capital and 4 levels of promotion. Symbolic power is how much influence
2 a celebrity has over the mass. Whether being nationally or
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