Celebrity Endorsement on Consumer Behaviour: an Adidas Case Study

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TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 1.0 WORKING TITLE 2 2.0 BACKGROUND & JUSTIFICATION 2 3.0 LITERATURE REVIEW 2 4.0 RESEARCH QUESTION 4 5.0 RESEARCH OBJECTIVES 4 5.1 METHODOLOGY: RESEARCH APPROACH 4 5.2 METHODOLOGY: RESEARCH STRATEGY 4 5.3 DATA COLLECTION 5 5.3A QUESTIONNAIRES 5 5.3B SEMI-STRUCTURED INTERVIEWS 6 5.4 SAMPLE SIZE 6 6.0 ACCESS & ETHICS 7 7.0 TIMESCALE 8 8.0 RESOURCES 8 9.0 APPENDIX 8 10.0 BIBLIOGRAPHY 9 1.0 WORKING TITLE Celebrity Endorsement, its impact on Consumer Behavior: An Adidas Case Study 2.0 BACKGROUND & JUSTIFICATION Research into the world of celebrity advertising sprang from the modern day phenomena of celebrity culture and the total incomprehension of its extent until I became…show more content…
The Meaning Movement and Endorsement Process by McCracken 1989, is illustrated as Exhibit A, within the Appendix This Attractiveness and credibility models seem to be adopted by adiddas; “credibility and visibility through partnerships and icon is an important tool to drive market share growth” mentioned as part of the 2010 Adidas strategy. Temperley and Tangen 2006, mention that a celebrity endorser is moderately more effective for products high in psychological or social risk, involving elements such as good taste, self-image and opinion of others, compared to a “normal” spokesperson (Temperley, Tangen 2006) Multi-celebrity endorsement’s refers to use of two or more celebrities in an advertising campaign’s, according to the attribution theory mentioned the research conducted by (Hsu and McDonald, 2002) individuals identify causality to certain events on the basis of their own behavior or the behavior of others. In the context of celebrity advertising, a consumer may ask whether an endorser recommends a product because the endorser actually believes in the positive attribution of the product(internal attribution) or just because their being paid to advertise (external attribution), in particular, consensus is one of the attribution factors which refers to the
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