Celebrity Humanitarianism : Bridging The Gap

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A staff writer, for the Global Notebook, whose name is Emma Dwight, wrote an article titled, "Celebrity Humanitarianism: Bridging the Gap." In her article, she discusses the difference between generations Y and Z and how the two different generations gain and retain knowledge differently (the older generation acquiring information from news stations or newspapers while, the younger generation seeks information through music, television, movies, and listening to their favorite celebrities.) She states in her article that the present generation is influenced by stars so much that the celebrities can become either good or bad humanitarians, based on that superstar 's characteristic qualities. In Lupe Fiasco 's music video, "Words I Never Said," an argument of the artists ' characteristics and true intentions will be tested and proven to be "good" based off references from the article about the video. He raps his message throughout the entirety of his song while having film of the many serious problems that the world struggles with everyday. Based on Fiasco 's efforts, the film will appeal to generation Z more, which allows the generation of young people to want to make a change in their community. In his music video, Lupe Fiasco promotes awareness to hard topics, shows how he leads to make a difference, uses video to display to his audience of the problems the world faces, and enlightens his viewers to see things in a different light. Fiasco 's limitless characteristics are

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