Celebrity Influence In Advertising

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Advertising is essential in today’s competitive economy; it is the what influences consumers to make the purchases that they do, but not all advertising tactics have been as successful as celebrity endorsement, also known as red carpet branding. Celebrity endorsements started in the 1760’s when Josiah Wedgwood used royal endorsements to promote his pottery and chinaware and make it more appealing to consumers. After Wedgwood used red carpet branding, other producing companies started to follow the trend. Soon companies realized they were getting more business when they were hiring celebrities to advertise their products(Celebrity Endorsement- Through the Ages). Celebrities brought advertisement to a whole different level. They made marketing more competitive and people more influential. Although some might argue that they make purchases based on personal interest, celebrities influence the sale of products because of their status, success and beauty. Naturally, people who are not celebrities desire to be like them in some way, shape or form. They want to have the same talents as them, create an impact on others like them, look like them, etc. Individuals look up to celebrities for an abundant amount of reasons and social status happens to be one of them. Most celebrities are admired by millions of people from all over the world. Those people strive to have the same social status as celebrities, they crave the feeling of being looked up to by millions of individuals, they
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