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Celeritas Inc. Case Assignment 1. In regards to the business itself, the steady decline in profits indicates that there is a problem. Their recent lack of ability to meet product release deadlines and their slow movement into cloud computing technologies is hurting their image as the “top player” in the market. Structurally, there are serious issues with how decisions are made within Celeritas. Boyer’s attitude about being the only one who makes big decisions is really hurting the company. He says that he listens to his SVPs, but in reality, he still does what he thinks is best, even if it doesn’t align with the SVP’s ideas. There needs to be more input and team decision making in order for things to run smoother. By Boyer…show more content…
This would cause the tension to rise and the discussions would turn to personal disagreements and not business related problems. In the end, the team-building efforts were not very effective because profits continued to drop and moral got even lower. The skepticism of the VPs and their lack of enthusiasm ruined the positive effects from the SVPs meeting. 3. I believe that the team-building did make progress toward solving the problems at Celeritas with the SVPs, but not with the VPs. They were finally able to get all of the issues out on the table, and everyone had an idea of what they needed to improve on in order to make things run more smoothly. What was missing was a final resolution on how there were actually going to implement these changes. I feel like there was no real progress toward how anyone was going to fix the problems that they had. This really showed when six weeks later they were still having all of the same issues as before. 4. I feel that Carla Reese’s approach at Celeritas had potential to be effective, but in the end it proved to not have the intended effect. She did a good job in really diving deep into the main issues by doing the private interviews. By doing this she was able to get some good insight into what was causing the dysfunction at Celeritas. I also like that she made a point to address each of the main issues at the offsite. This had a positive effect in sparking discussion at the meeting. Philip
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