Essay on Celiac Disease: Cause, Effect, and Mitigation

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Preparing a meal for adult women with celiac disease as well as a fish/shellfish allergies can a unique challenge. Gluten as well as seafood most be avoided in the diet, with some special dietary needs on top of that of a regular adult women. In the following a short description of what each celiac disease and fish/shellfish allergies are, how common they are, causes, diagnosis, treatment, and special dietary needs will be explained. Preceding this information an example of a two course meal will be laid out to provide an example of a meal holding in the restraints of the special dietary needs of this person. Celiac Disease What is celiac disease? Celiac disease is the auto-immune disease which causes the body’s immune system to…show more content…
When a person with celiac disease eats a food contains gluten, an immunologic response occurs and the small intestines are damaged due to the response, which hurts proper absorption of nutrients. If the disease is untreated it may lead to iron deficiency anemia, and osteoporosis, as well as increase the risk of lymphoma, due to this impaired absorption. If someone with coeliac disease consumes gluten can include: bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, weight loss, impaired growth rate, weakness, tiredness, and malnutrition. Some people are reported to vomit after gluten consumption (Celiac Disease, n.d. ; Celiac Disease Facts, n.d. ; Celiac disease – sprue. n.d.; Coeliac Disease – NHS, April 2010.). What causes celiac disease? The cause of the disease is unknown. It is known that having certain genotypes can increase the chances of developing the disease however may not be the sole responsibility. A person is more likely to have these genes and get celiac disease if a close family member has it. How is celiac disease diagnosed? Blood tests are done to test for the antibodies that are responsible for damage to the small intestines. If it is suspected of having the disease often an endoscopy is often performed. In the endoscopy a small samples of the small intestines to be biopsied and tested for celiac disease traits. After being diagnosed a doctor may do more tests to check for anemia, and bone density, if tested positive

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