Celie Character Analysis

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What happens when we approach a lane closure while driving on the freeway, and a car cuts rapidly in front of us just before the lane closes, forcing us to brake abruptly? What happens when a romantic partner accuses us of flirting when we have done no such thing? What happens when we hear a news report telling us that 4 million children in the United States go hungry every day? What happens when you see a man shouting and hurting a woman? Or when you find a girl is rapped by her father and becomes pregnant? Perhaps the most common response to these scenarios is anger or sadness is a human emotion we all experience in a daily life. We feel angry after the death of someone we love or when losing something or when we are being neglected or…show more content…
First she is rejected by the society as she is black woman. She is raped by her father and got two children. Then her father separates her from her sister. Celie's natural compassion makes it very difficult for her to hate anyone, although she becomes very angry when she finds out how Albert hides her letters from her sister. Physical violence appears in the relationship between Harpo and his wife Sophia. He always beats her because she is regarded as an object. Those treatments to them make them live a painful life and live under man's domination. They live in country separated from the white people, as white people consider themselves superior to any black. But their anger leads them to fight for themselves as they refuse to be silent and revolute against oppression and let their anger rennet over. Sofia's aggression results in her experience at the hand of police as she revolted and rebelled against the white mayor. But Celie's oppression leads her to gain strength and becomes independent instead of being depressed. She writes letter to God as he is the only person in her life and He is the only a way of hope for her. Those women make their anger loud although at the beginning their anger was
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