Lab Report Cell Counting Lab

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For our cell counting lab, we used three tubes and label them tube #1, tube #2 and tube #3. Once done we had to take 1ml of cell solution to add to tube #1, in tube #2 we added 0.9 ml of buffer and 0.5ml of the buffer to tube #3. I then took 0.1 ml of cell solution from tube #1 and added to tube #2; to mix we inverted our tube four to five times. 0.5ml of cell solution was taken from tube #2 and added to tube #3 once added we inverted the tube to make sure it mixed well. After mixing the tube I took 10ul of cell solution from the tubes and added it to the hemacytometer, to count our cells in the four 16 squares boxes under our microscope, I repeated the last step for all three tubes. Once our cells were counted, the total number of cells was recorded. Tube#1 cell count was very high it showed 603 cells that were counted under the microscope using the hemacytometer. Tube #2 cell count was low but it showed 299 cells. Tube #3 showed hardly any cells under the microscope 22 cells was counted. After getting the total…show more content…
During the Dilution factor tube #2 has a higher number than tube #3. Based on the cell density using the cell number in tube #1, tube #2 has a higher cell number than tube#3. But comparing the cell density in each tube, tube#1 had the higher number of cell density than the other tubes, then tubes #2 and tube#3. My hypothesis was correct based on what we added in each tube. Tube #1 only had cell solution, in tube #2 I had cell solution that was diluted with buffer, For tube #3 we put less cell solution and added buffer which diluted the cells, even more, making tube #3 have the least amount of cells. Adding buffer to the cells diluted our cell solution and made tube #2 and tube #3 to have fewer cells than tube#1. Cell counting lab was interesting but tidies’ based on having to pipette cell solution correctly, and by having to count all the cells that are seen in the
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