Cell Division Research Paper

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Cells as we learn are capable of reproduction. Cell division according to the book is a process that produces genetically identical daughter cells. Some living organisms are able to reproduce a sexually. In this process Chromosomes are duplicated and then distributed during the process of mitosis. The offspring are exactly the same as the parent as well as each other. Certain organisms such as humans and animals reproduce sexually by the bond of an egg cell from a female and a sperm cell from a male. These organisms carry out meiosis. Genes in a eukaryotic species are grouped up together in chromosomes found in the nucleus, each of the chromosomes contain one long strand of DNA. Before cells begin to divide the chromosomes duplicate making…show more content…
The human species for example carry 23 pairs. Males carry both X and Y chromosomes while females only carry X chromosomes. In humans our chromosomes undergo meiosis; the cells divide two times forming four daughter cells. Meiosis has two stages, first the homologous chromosomes pair up and exchange corresponding segments then forming two daughter cells. Next the sister chromatids of each chromosome separate. Because chromosomes come from two different parents there are many different versions of many of the genes. In certain cases humans can have abnormal number of chromosomes which can cause problems. This can be blamed on the failure of proper…show more content…
Depending on how the chromosomes react during the process of meiosis determines the inheritance patterns. Certain kinds of genes are known to be linked and come together as a pair on the same chromosome. The process of crossing over can separate these linked genes and produces gametes with recombinant chromosomes and creates offspring with recombinant phenotypes.

Whether we are born males or females is determined by the X and the Y chromosomes. A person who gets two X chromosomes forms as a female while a person who gets both an X and a Y forms as a male. So I have both an X and a Y chromosome while my three sisters all have two X chromosomes. Some human disorders are sex linked. Hemophilia and colorblindness are due to recessive alleles. A male who receives a recessive allele from his mother will have the disorder however for a female to have the disorder both the mother and father must pass on the recessive allele.

In conclusion cells are super complicated and undergo many processes I myself will never truly understand. However after studying the material I am able to understand that what I perceived as simple things in life actually occur because of many complex things going on inside of our
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