Cell Membrane Essay

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The normal cell membrane and the structure commonly called a “basement membrane” differ because:
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Choice A is correct because the basement membrane is where a cell attaches to the “lining”, so the basement membrane will always be outside the normal cell membrane as it is not a part of the actual enterocyte or keratinocyte cell, just where it attaches to.

7. Which of the following is an example or description of negative feedback? 0.5 points were deducted
Choice B is correct because the working muscle gets hot and the blood that is being pumped into the muscles is cooler than the muscles themselves, so blood flow into the working skeletal muscle will cool the muscle back down.

8. Which
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1.5 points were deducted
Choice B is incorrect because too much carbohydrates lead to the cause of coliform bacteria to die, not acidophilic bacteria. Acidophilic bacteria means acid loving bacteria, so the heightened ph would not kill them, it would make more of them grow. If more of them grow, the LPS that causes inflammation is not circulating, because they would only circulate if the bacteria dies.
Choice C is correct because acidosis degrades tight junctions between enterocytes in the colon and the cecum, which in turn lets more endotoxins from the bacteria into the blood that causes the inflammation in laminitis.
Choice D is correct because the acidosis kills coliform bacteria, releasing LPS into the system and the LPS causes the inflammation that in turn reduces blood flow and kills the tissues that cause laminitis.

29. Insulin resistance could increase the likelihood of laminitis because: 1.5 points were deducted
Choice A is correct because the stress of too much conversion of glucose into triglycerides can cause insulin resistance. If there are more triglycerides, there is more fat storage within an adipocyte, causing the animal to gain weight. With more weight, there is more pressure on the structure of the
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