Cell Migration And Its Importance

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Olivia Matheu Bio 206 Assignment #3 Detailed focus question: Cell migration is the movement of cells in a specific direction in order to perform a specific task. Cell migration is necessary in maintaining a healthy organism. In spite of this what type of outside factors prevent, slow down, increase, or enhance cell migration and why? How does this affect the organism overall? Introduction: Provide background information on cell migration and its importance. Then I will discuss the different factors that have an effect on cell migration. I will focus on the different influences that prevent successful cell migration. The three main points are cancer cells, MIIP, a cytoskeleton regulator, and development of tumors Main Discussion Points: A. Cancer 1. Cells migrate faster 2. EMT- epithelial cells lose their polarity 3. Different types of migration (microtubules) B. MIIP- Cytoskeleton regulator 1. Blocks cell migration and invasion 2. Delays mitosis 3. Suppresses tumorigenesis C. Tumors 1. P53 2. Tumor suppressor 3. Can develop to drive or prevent cell migration II. This section will focus on the influence cancer has on the development, growth, and migration of individual cells. A. A cancer cell: cells that continually grow and develop. B. An Epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) plays a role in the development of cancer cells. 1. EMTs is when the adhesion protein E-cadherin is suppressed. 2. Metastasis and stem-like growth in cancer cells is promoted. Treatment resistance.
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