Cell Network Operators And Mobile Network Operator

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1 SMALL CELL BACKHAUL: Small cell backhaul connects small cells with mobile network operator. As mobile network operators begin to deploy growing numbers of small cells in order to meet the rapidly increasing demand for mobile data capacity, and to utilize the maximum spectrum we use backhaul. The major challenge facing them is how to provide efficient and cost-effective backhaul solution. 2 BACKHAUL REQUIREMENT: For designing this backhaul one should consider the type of environment, transmission technique, topology and motivation for deployment of small cell. There are different topology like star, tree, ring and mesh topology which is implemented among the small cell to the backhaul. Transmission technologies followed in backhaul solutions are Point-to-Point microwave, Point-to-Multipoint microwave, Leased lines, xDSL (e.g. VDSL2), Point-to-Point Fiber ,PLC(Power Line Communication) and WiMAX. 3 TYPES OF BACKHAUL: 3.1WIRED BACKHAUL: Wired backhaul solutions have played a key role in mobile base station backhaul over the years due to their high performance, better reliability, scalability, high data rates and high availability. Wired backhaul solutions helps small cell by working with new site types, likes streetlamps, rooftop and wall mounts. It should be able to meet lower cost than those associated with macro cell backhaul. The overall backhaul solution may be the combination of both wired and wireless, with the wired solution linking to wireless hub sites.
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