Cell One By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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“Cell One” In “Cell One” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the main character Nnamabia is immune to punishment due to his manly beauty. Even after he steals his mother’s jewelry and is arrested for an alleged murder, his actions are still overlooked by his parents. His sister, who narrates the story, never does anything wrong and lives in Nnamabia’s shadow. After being placed in Jail, Nnamabia’s father regrets that he was so easy on his child. Nnamabia’s mother favors him because of his looks and charm, but in the end, neither of these physical attributes keep him out of jail. Nnamabia’s mom wants to drive 2 hours every day just to see Namibia, but her love is so naive that she is still oblivious to his wrong doings. The guard at the prison tells Nnambia’s parents, “You cannot raise your children properly—all of you people who feel important because you work at the university—and when your children misbehave you think they should not be punished. You are lucky they released him.” (Adichie) Even though Nnamabia is in Jail due to his corrupt associates, but he begins to see how his negative actions could affect his parents. Initially he thought he was smart while in prison, almost untouchable, but that changes when the old father of a fugitive is jailed simply because nobody could find his criminal son. Over time, Nnambia begins to speak less and less with his parent’s. Every day he is in the cell with the sick old man, and he begins to relate himself to this person’s son. After

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