Cell Phone Addiction By Anna Almendrala

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The author tries to help readers understand that cell phones could be an addiction by stating her own past and present experiences as well as citing significant, educated figures to back up her claim. The author, Anna Almendrala, is flabbergasted at some of her “back in the day” moments, one of them being at a community college stats course offered through the UCLA extension program. In that $575 plus an additional $129 for parking per quarter class, “[she is] always amazed that many of the (mostly younger) students around [her] sit in class with their phones in their hands, quietly scrolling, playing and texting while the teacher lectures…” She perceives this class to be “fairly complex” and can’t understand why her fellow classmates, having paid quite a sum of money, have “appointed one person to take notes for everyone to scan later, so the…show more content…
Believing that addictions to cell phones are becoming increasingly realistic, he surveyed 164 college undergrads and discovered that “cell-phones [had] become inextricably woven into our daily lives — an almost invisible driver of modern life.” This information shows that as more and more people are becoming avid users of cell phones, the harder it is growing to put them down. In the future, researchers like Roberts are developing machines to see whether or not an “addiction” to cell phones is a diagnosable condition. Researchers in the U.K. studied 1,529 teenaged students and categorized around 153 as “problematic users" of cell phones. All of this leads to the ultimate conclusion, which is that cell phones can be an addiction. The author clearly proves her point by showing how research has backed up her opinion, and she believes that this sort of addiction can be diagnosable in the future
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